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« The fear of God is the death of every other fear; like a mighty lion, it chases all other fears before it. »

- Charles Spurgeon. mmmm (via prevailzine)

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I am:


I am Peter, 
Denying the Truth.
I am Thomas, 
Doubting the Truth.
I am Judas, 
Betraying the Truth.
I am a Pharisee, 
Killing the Truth.
I am the thief, 
Mocking the Truth. 

I am a sinner,
Freed by Truth. 
I am a hypocrite,
Loved by Truth.
I am a murderer,
Cleansed by Truth. 
I am a wretch,
Justified by Truth. 
I am a Child,
Adopted by Truth. 

- Christopher Glen


Relinquishing our hopes and dreams to God is one of the most difficult things to do. When the dreams seem to be so far in the future that they will never come, it can be devastating and cause you to doubt His goodness. When it’s a possibility, but you can’t get your hopes up…


We used to go everywhere together.
he always knew where he was going.

"Her house,"
he would say
and after awhile, I knew he could navigate
the way on his own.

then they would go places together,
“To the city art museum”
and afterwards
“to the nearest baskin robbins”

it was a late one, that night,
when the car lights dimmed and
only quiet music played.

They went to mcdonalds and olive garden,
to every park in town and
to three different parts of the beach.

but tonight something was different.
he didn’t ask for directions
to her house,
but cried,
“I don’t know where to go”

he always knew where to go.
why doesn’t he know now?
he cried out again, ” She is gone.”

[Where is gone?]
[recalculating ]
[I am sorry, I do not know where “Gone” is located,
would you like me to redirect you to “Her House”
you have been there sixty two times in the last two months.]
[Would you like to rename this location “Home”?]

"I dont know where home is anymore"
he replies.
[Would you like to rename “Her House” to “Home”?]
[“Home” has been saved.]
[Would you like to go “Home”?]



all i’ve got is thunder,noise inside my holster. 


all i’ve got is thunder,
noise inside my holster. 

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people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important

« Other people are going to find healing in your wounds. Your greatest life messages and your most effective ministry will come out of your deepest hurts. »

- Rick Warren (via akachristiannaa)

« And when all is said and done, I learned I needed to fill my life with things that stir my affections for Jesus. And then pay attention and keep away from my heart the things that rob me of my affections, even if those things are morally neutral. »

- Matt Chandler (via kayholder)

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