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« You can find your ideal mate, you can find the one that looks and talks and acts and behaves the way you think the perfect…the perfect spouse or perspective spouse should. They may look like you would want them to look, and they may be interested in the things you would want them to be interested in. They may have a wonderful sense of humor and be intellectually interesting and all of those kinds of things. And you can marry that person and that person may feel the same way about you. And if you don’t walk in the Spirit, that marriage will have massive problems. Or you can find someone who loves Christ and has a heart to serve the Lord, and walk in the Holy Spirit, and if you’re in that same path and that person is in that same path, you will grow into the kind of union that will fill your life with complete joy and blessing. So stop looking for the perfect person somewhere. Stop scanning all of the unknown and available web sites. Stick with the people that the Lord has brought into your life and the people that you know and the people that are around you and the people that love the Lord and believe the things that you believe and find someone who walks in the Spirit and longs to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and watch the Lord make a wonderful and complete and lasting relationship that will be profoundly, profoundly blessed. »

- John MacArthur  (via kissthewave)

Things that are important;

Holding hands
Laughing with your family
Singing songs at the top of your lungs
Good food
Music that makes you think of her
Books that get you thinking
Winter time
Boots and sweaters
Little brothers
Middle brothers
Your best friends siblings
Interesting movies
Being in love
Eye contact

« I’m tired and all I want is for you to be here with me. »

- T.B. LaBerge // The Novel of Us (via kvtes)

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Jonas Brothers || Burnin’ Up

they play this song so much at work & I catch myself dancing to it

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Tongues out.


Tongues out.

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New rainy day icon.

New rainy day icon.

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Step | Vampire Weekend

she’s richer than croesus

she’s tougher than leather

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I guess California is kind of pretty.